Trusts and Estates

Regardless of whether our clients are business owners, homemakers, or work for other entities, a properly executed, comprehensive estate plan is vital to avoid costly and lengthy probate proceedings in California. An integrated estate plan is designed to make your goals upon your death a reality that you can strategically plan and control during your lifetime. We specifically tailor each estate plan to reflect the unique situations encountered by each of our clients. Often, individuals and families are hesitant to address this extremely important area of law due to anxiety, uncertainty, or any other number of reasons personal to them. Potente’s attorneys understand the private and often sensitive nature of estate planning, and have the expertise and patience to give clients invaluable peace of mind. Our clients’ individualized estate plans are carefully tailored and customized to reflect unique family dynamics, protect assets, and provide for loved ones.

Additionally, we assist families when the time comes to administer a trust for their loved one, prepare first-party and third-party Special Needs Trusts for disabled individuals, and create succession plans for business owners. We work closely with your CPA and Financial Planner to ensure all assets are appropriately marshalled and managed.


Trusts and Estates Services Include: