POTENTE®, A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION, was recommended to me by my Financial Advisor when I needed an attorney for my parents’ living trust.  Once I met Pete and Victoria, I felt very comfortable with them.  They make you feel like you are part of their family. I had the same experience with other staff members that I spoke with over the phone.  POTENTE LAW does not treat you as just another client and wanting to make a buck.  Rather they sat with me and my family and gave us advice and guidance throughout the entire process without rushing us.  They took great care to ensure we had understood all the information and all our questions were answered.  And the great thing is they do not charge you for every minute they spend with you.  I have since referred my brothers, sister, and niece to POTENTE LAW for each of their living trusts and business matters, as well as for those hard times of handling estate matters when loved ones pass.  POTENTE LAW is indeed a rare find that I’m grateful I came to know.  I highly recommend POTENTE LAW – they are the ones I recommend when I hear someone is in need of an attorney.

Zilda Silveira

Santa Clara

POTENTE®, A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION, was recommended to me by a close friend and attorney when I needed help ensuring all of my corporate books and paperwork were in order. Once meeting with the firm, I felt a real connection with the attorneys and staff. I realized that my business wasn’t just another dollar sign to the firm. I have never met ANY attorney who would sit with me, give advice, guide me through the process, and not charge me for every minute I was with them. Within just a few weeks, my books and corporate documents were organized. I now entrust the firm to monitor everything for our company.  POTENTE LAW is a rare find and I HIGHLY recommend their great team as a valuable resource for any business.

Les Kollegian


Jacob Tyler Creative Group

POTENTE®, A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION, is an expert in recommending and providing the best corporate structure for new businesses. The firm serves as a trusted advisor when handling and directing Annual Shareholder Meetings and Board of Director Meetings to ensure full corporate compliance.

The firm provides a wide spectrum of expert legal services including both corporate matters and personal services, such as estate planning. Further, the firm excels at integrating the client’s professional colleagues, such as working closely with the client’s CPA to provide legal guidance and input as required for tax matters.

Louis Nielsen


CML Engineering Sales, Inc.